Animal Success Stories
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One of the dogs from Operation Peanuts Promise. Loved by John and Mary Lynn


To my Sweet Boy, Remember when you. . . . . .escaped your very first morning with us and Scott found you in the passenger seat of a pickup truck in the next subdivision? . . .swiped a stick of butter from the dining room table and some buns from the counter (never saw you eat SO FAST)? . . .got bored one Christmas and ate some of Marcia’s gifts you found under the tree -- unopened boxes of chocolates and tealight candles AND ironically chewed up a corner of her “Marley” book? . . .would bark excitedly whenever you heard the beginning of “Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Swede and the horses whinnying at the end of “Sleigh Bells”? . . .were so ready for a walk in the morning as soon as I turned off the hairdryer and again at night as soon as dinner dishes were done and the kitchen sink light turned off? Even though our hearts are broken and it’s very lonely without you, we are so happy you’ve been reunited with Katey (a “Match Made in Heaven” once more) at the Rainbow Bridge, and know that someday we’ll all be together again. Maxey 10/31/2001 – 03/10/2016



Chaser is a big love bug! His favorite things are a good belly scratch, a stuffed animal to snuggle with and a sunny spot for a nap. He wishes he was a lap dog and will ask to come on the couch with us.  He often greets us at the door with a stuffy in his mouth, which lets us know he's up for a game of fetch.  Chaser does indicate that he needs to go out to potty by pacing.  When he does start to pace, it's important to respond to his needs as he's really got to go!  


How we came to adopt Bucky, the brave.
     We were given the chance to be first-time fosters that Sunday in January when the second wave of dogs were brought in from Wisconsin.   I was there only to help those frightened puppies get a bath and was moved by the generous hearts of all those LEARN volunteers who loved dogs, labs in particular, and I wanted to do my small part to help.   We had lost our LEARN dog, Maggie to cancer last June, and I was finally brave enough to think about a new dog. We were hopelessly bonded to Maggie and losing her tore out our hearts
     That Sunday I was so in awe of Claudia who had found a way to rescue these dogs from a breeder who loved them dearly, but could not care for them adequately.   So when Chris asked if I would take Bucky (he was the last dog that was not assigned a foster home) I immediately said yes despite not consulting my husband who was at a dinner I was missing.   When Dick came home asking what happened, why didn’t I show up at Lino’s for the neighborhood dinner, I said nothing, didn’t need to say anything, as there was Bucky, frozen, frightened, settled between a chair and the couch, shaking.   Your heart melts at such a point and you worry that this dog would never acquire the capacity to bond with people or trust in them.   But these are labs, remember.   It didn’t take more than hours before Bucky was accepting the caresses and hugs.   He was Dick’s dog from the start; Dick knew he couldn’t give him up that day, although I was still trying to learn the role of the foster home, still trying to find how you foster a dog without adopting.  
      With gentle encouragement, and patience, Bucky is doing all the lab things he should, retrieving tennis balls, lying on his back for belly rubs, walking like a big boy on a leash, learning to walk and play with other dogs, learning to sit and come, waiting at the door for the signal to go out, waiting for his dinner; he also learned a few bad habits, like chewing up the printer installation manual and the scholastic classroom magazine.   He also did his first counter surfing (we were sure, proudly, that OUR DOG would never do that, until a rice crispy treat was placed too close to the edge).   But he was house trained the first day and Dick was sure he was the smartest one and the handsomest of all the labs brought in that Sunday . Just like a proud grandpa.
We are so taken with Bucky that it is hard not to tell everyone about him—kind of like those well-meaning grandparents that tell you about endless accomplishments and show too many pictures of their grandchildren.   W e proudly tell you that Bucky can leap in the air completely off the ground and catch his tennis ball.   He is now hiding his toy rabbit and pheasant under his bed in case those humans want to steal it—such a little rascal!; he has had his first overnight, away from home, at Mr.Ed’s(LEARN alumn) house and was, by all reports, well behaved.   When we went to pick him up after two days, you could almost hear him say, “Oh, joy, oh my, they’re back. My people!   My people! They love me! They came back for me!”   He would run up to one of us, wiggle and spin, then run back to the other, smiling as only labs can do, and finally nestling in our arms, exhausted with happiness.  

Bucky will still need more encouragement, patience, and time to adjust to new situations, to new people and experiences.   But with obedience training, and help from friends with other sweet dogs, Bucky will be the brave little warrior that will fill our hearts with joy.  


Our son Jesse caught a candid shot of Caesar this afternoon and I heard him exclaim, "Geez Caesar were you a Duke in a past life?" Here's the photo of his Royal Lab-Coonhoundness awaiting the arrival of his Court. He eyed up that little green silk covered chair on day one so I suspected he'd put his paws on it shredding the fabric, but kept it covered w/a towel & red sheet. Guess my intuition was right. Looks like he'd enjoy a pipe and cognac while he's at it...'Yes Caesar, I'll get right on that for you my lord'. Note the drape of his leg off the chair edge - very stylish.
We are enjoying him immensely and he's thriving. Of course, we now seem to have a parade of raccoons, deer, a very large snapping turtle, possum, and multiple bunny litters like never before through our yard just to taunt him. Maybe he invited all his relations! Surprisingly he couldn't care less about the flocks of birds to the feeders.
Thanks again for all the love & support.

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