A dog’s behavior can be influenced by many things, including undetected illness. Sudden changes in behavior can be caused by Lyme’s disease, Addison’s and thyroid conditions among others. It’s important to rule out a medical cause for your dog’s behavior before beginning any behavior modification program. If your dog’s behavior/temperament has changed, the first step is to take your dog to a veterinarian for a complete physical examination.

The training/behavior suggestions below are intended as a supplement to, not as a substitution for, working with a professional trainer or Behaviorist. These suggestions assume your dog is in good health.

[ Please click here for a list of Obedience Schools/Trainers and Behaviorists ] with whom LEARN volunteers have direct experience and know use positive motivation training techniques. Links to helpful training websites are at the end of the list.

Adopting and Caring for a Dog

Behavior Modification