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10/27/23:  Hi! My name is Emma and I've been in my foster home for about 5 days. I'm very attached to my sister, Creampuff, so wherever I go, she needs to go too. I am friendly, outgoing and have been told that I have the spirit of a much younger dog! I love to snuggle and have my belly rubbed. If you stop rubbing before I’m ready, I’ll let you know! I’ll also give really big juicy kisses, so get ready!  I get along really well with my foster sister. I also ignore the house cats, so a home with cats would be fine. I enjoy taking walks and am working on my leash manners. I’m usually so excited to be out and about that I pull my walker along for a bit and then settle down. My previous owner had a yard with a fence and I miss being able to roam around.

I am house trained and haven't had any accidents at all. I am allowed access to the whole house and do not need to be in a crate.

I am waiting to see a doctor to to have a physical and update my vaccines.. Please come back and check on me (and Creampuff) soon! You might be exactly who we're waiting for to be our forever family!

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