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Hi everyone!!!  It’s time for an update on me, BO!  I’ve have been having some trouble meeting new dogs.  I tend to bark and pull on the leash. Sometimes I even do that when I see people outside, but I’m good with people who come in the house. I get too excited and jump sometimes, though.  I’m also good with the other lab who lives in the house, so foster mom isn't sure just why I get so vocal meeting other dogs.We had a trainer came over with her dog, and we went for a walk. She decided to use a gentle leader on me.  At first I was barking at her dog and pulling, but by the end of our training session I was walking very nicely next to her dog!  She said I did really good and I just have to keep practicing. Did I mention  I love going for walks! Now w hen my foster dad takes me for walks he brings A LOT of treats!  If we see people or dogs, I have to sit and I get treats until they pass.  I’m doing much better and now I’m use to wearing the gentle leader.  The trainer thinks I may need a few meets with my potential family to get used to you an any doggy siblings I may have.

I’m much more comfortable in my foster home.  I like to lay by the patio door and watch for the neighbor dogs.  I start crying when I see them and we go outside so I can meet them by the fence.  I still like to eat paper products!  Foster mom keeps putting things where I can’t get them!  She said it’s not nice to counter surf so I’m trying to keep my paws off of the counter!  

I’m looking for a family that will take me for walks and continue my training.  I hope thats you!  Contact L.E.A.R.N. at if you have already been approved and  would like to find out more about me. If you haven't already been approved, you can start the process at



Hi everyone.  I’m new to L.E.A.R.N. but I’m already available for adoption!  I’m a 10 yrs young and handsome boy!  My mom recently passed away and some nice friends of ours took me home with them so I didn’t have to go to a shelter.  They wanted to find the best home for me so they contacted L.E.A.R.N. and I’m so glad they did.  My foster family says they can tell my mom really loved me and they’re going to find me a new family that will love me just as much.  I love to go for walks but I pull when I see a squirrel, dog, rabbit or even a leaf.  I’m very strong so I’m working on not getting so excited when I see something I want to chase.  I love stuffed animals but I also like pulling the stuffing out!  I like retrieving the tennis ball and sometimes I’ll even give it back to you!  I like dog treats, toilet paper, carrots, paper towels, cucumbers and socks (I just carry them around)!  I like to sleep in my crate at night.  It’s in the bedroom and my foster parents leave the crate door open but I mostly just sleep in it all night.  I like to follow my humans and just relax when we’re hanging around in the house.  Contact L.E.A.R.N. if you would like to find out more about me and have already been approved. 



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