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Hi ya'll this is Steve.  I've been in Wisconsin a couple weeks now so I reckon it's time I introduce myself.  I was born in Texas and lived there until I was about 15 months.  My family couldn't keep me so some good people down there sent me on my way to LEARN.  Although it was a bit scary at first, I settled right in with my new foster brother and sister.  My brother is the same age so we get along really well.  We rustle a lot, and it can get pretty loud.  But we're having a great time!  I didn't have a playmate in Texas so it took me a second to figure out how to share.  Foster Mom says I have a bad habit of jumping up when I am happy to see you (I thought you'd never get home!) but other than that I am the perfect southern gentleman.  I do my business outside and wait at the door when I want to go.  I walk on the leash real nice.  I sleep all night long in my crate without a peep.  I do get sad when she leaves for work but I settle after a few minutes.  I just miss her so much!  As much as I love it here, it's time for me to find my new family.  If you'd like to meet me and are already an approved adopter, please email  If you aren't approved yet, why the heck not?  Go to to fill out an application today.

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