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Crystal is a typical puppy - curious, very playful and snuggly. She loves to swim and play in water. She loves to play with other dogs and kids.  After playing hard she loves to snuggle up with her person or dog-friend. 

Currently Crystal is staying with a foster family that has school aged kids, 1 dog and 1 cat. She loves to play with the other dog and kids. She often needs reminders that the cat doesn't want to play with her so if she went to a home with a cat would need focused training.  She is working on her potty training and some basic commands such as drop-it and sit. She is crate trained and pretty good at walking on a leash already. She has a playful, loving energy and would fit well into a home that wants both an active dog and a dog who likes to snuggle at the end of the day. 

​Crystal can only be off leash when in a fenced in area otherwise she does need to be leashed or on a tie out. Her puppy-curiosity takes her outside her yard. Since Crystal is so smart with training she likely would learn to stay in her yard. 

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