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8/4/22  Hi it's Sonny.  I just wanted to let everyone know I am still looking for my perfect home.  Foster Mom says she doesn't know why since I am the perfect gentleman.  I know when to sit. I walk nicely on a leash.  I am very gentle when given treats.  I sit and wait patiently to eat my food. I even run right to her when she calls my name. She laughs at me when I drink from the hose but it tastes so good!  I love hanging out in the house while she's gone and I never make any mess.  I do watch out the window and when I see her, I run to the door with a toy.  I really really love my Foster brother.  I have learned how much fun it is to have a friend!  If you are looking for a mature but fun gentleman to add to your family please email and say you want me!


7/21/22  Hi it's Sonny again.  I have exciting news!  Foster Mom says I can start looking for my new family!  I know it's only been a few days, but I am eager to find my new people to love.  I am still pretty shy meeting new people, but I do warm up after getting to know you.  It's just been so much change that I like to take things very slow.  I love my Foster brother so if you have a dog, I will need to meet him or her to make sure we like each other.  They will be my family too after all.  I haven't met many kids, but Foster Mom says they are ok as long as they are respectful.  If you are interested in meeting me please email to let them know.

7/17/22  Hi this is Sonny.  I just arrived at my foster home in Wisconsin.  The car ride was a little stressful but once I entered the backyard and saw the little pool, I knew everything was going to be alright!  I made a new friend and we spend all our time running around and wrestling.  I also met the cats.  They are interesting but I just watch them.  Foster Mom says I am very well behaved so far.  I came from a home so I know where to go potty and how to behave indoors.  I had to sleep in a crate - I didn't like that too much.  Foster Mom says it's ok so I will have to trust she knows what she's talking about.  Please stay tuned as I get to know her better and then I can show her more of my personality!

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