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Meet  Bella. She’s a wonderful 2 yr old female, Yellow Lab. Bella’s Foster Family says that she’s really an extra awesome dog and they already adore her.

Bella is incredibly social and well adjusted. She’d fit into any lifestyle, as long as there’s people to love & snuggle with.
At her foster home, she’s been getting 4 walks a day, and she really enjoys the walks & does great on a leash. We wouldn’t say that she’s high energy though, she meets the energy of the room. If it’s time to play, she loves to play fetch, play with toys or wrestle with her new chocolate Lab buddy. And if it’s tv time, she loves to snuggle up with her new foster family!
Bella lived outdoors for the first 2 years of life, so she is still learning about living indoors. She had to learn how to go up and down the stairs. And she’s learning to go to the bathroom outside, and she’s doing pretty good so far. She does well in her crate overnight or when left at home for a few hours.
She’s a very smart dog and with some consistent training, she’ll pick up wanted behaviors quickly. She’s already learned to come in through the doggy door at her foster home, and then sit and wait in the entry for a cookie.
She does like to pick up everything right now. Shoes, toys, newspaper, etc. And we think she’d probably swallow things like socks (if she had access). We are thinking that a home where small kids are leaving lots of bite size things on the floor, wouldn’t be ideal.
We are hoping that Bella will be ready for adoption sometime after her vet appointment on the 27th.

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