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Meet Bear, a three-year old black lab sweetheart.  Bear has excellent house manners.  He doesn't beg for food (besides looking at you with those sweet big brown eyes), he doesn't bark, he doesn't jump on counters, and he prefers to be invited onto the couch before making himself too comfy.  He's crate trained and can be trusted to roam the house.  

For the past couple of weeks he has been hanging out in the home office and makes for an excellent co-worker!  He's happy to curl up on his bed and sleep on the job.  Or occasionally, he may wander over and ever-so-sweetly rest his head on your leg.  

While he does have good energy and loves a great walk, he's very laid back and just content to be with his person.  However, Bear does have a few special requirements.  He has poor manners when interacting with other dogs and will bark, lunge, and then run away.  He would do best in a home with no other dogs and someone with the patience to work with him and show him that other dogs aren't really that scary.  

If you're interested in meeting this teddy bear, let us know!  

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