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Buddy here, Foster Mom thinks I have made enough progress that I can start looking for my forever home!  I am still a work in progress so my adopters will have to be very patient and continue to work with me.  I'm getting better outside but anything out of the ordinary or any sudden sound sends me running with my tail between my legs.  I can't help it - it can just be so over-whelming at times.  I am pretty comfortable in the house - but the bed is my favorite spot.  I really need another dog about my age to keep me company.  I just love them so much.  Playing with my foster sister is my favorite thing to do.  And I feel much braver when she's by my side.  A fenced yard would be great since I am starting to explore, and I really like to run free, but I am so easily scared.  And I really need someone who can spend a lot of time with me - see I still need to be crated when you aren't home.  Mom says I have already spent enough of my life confined so I would really prefer someone who is home more often than not.  If you have an endless supply of dog toys and want to learn more about me just send an email.  I'll be waiting!


8/11/21  ON HOLD

Buddy is still learning to be a Lab and making small strides each day.  He loves toys and likes to hoard them in his crate - and sometimes anything else he finds on the floor or table!  He is now very interested in playing with my dog.  This is the only time I have seen his tail wag.  He would even play with the cats - he just hasn't figured out how to do it yet.  He has decided his new safe spot is on my bed and takes advantage of every opportunity to jump up there.  He took his first camping trip and did pretty good.  He preferred to stay in the camper but was very well behaved and relaxed.  He is a true Lab in that he loved the water and had no hesitation getting in - even with waves.  He does well on hikes.  In general, any noise or sudden movement scares him so I am continuing to expose him to more things to help him overcome those fears. Potty training is still a work in progress.


7/22/21  ON HOLD

Buddy is a very handsome 4 (ish) year old yellow Lab that has no idea how fun it is to be a dog!  He was rescued from a neglectful home where it appears he never got to go outside.  Because of this he is extremely fearful of the great outdoors.  He has a safe spot in the house where he spends most of his time.  He willingly goes into the crate.  And he is happy to eat at mealtime.  After 10 days of being with us he is starting to show some interest in toys and playing with my resident dog - all while sitting in his safe spot next to my couch.  Potty training is going ok - only a few accidents in the crate.  He does hold it all night so I am encouraged that as soon as the outside isn't so scary there will be no more accidents.  Buddy has a ways to go before he will be ready for adoption - and we will be taking it slow at his pace.

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