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6/8/2021 Maggie checking in with  an update.  I had to go to the vet today because I have been favoring my back leg.  It turns out I have something called a torn ACL and meniscus! 

I guess this means that I will be having something called TPLO surgery very soon.  I'm told this is a very expensive surgery with a long rehab time, so I will be here for a while, but I will be as good as new once I am done with PT.  Please, please, please consider helping with the cost of the surgery and PT, if you can. Many Labbie kisses! 

Hi Everyone!  My name is Maggie and I am about 8 years old.  I came to L.E.A.R.N. about a week ago and I am still settling in.  I have been to the vet because I have some pretty bad allergies and I needed some meds for my hips. Otherwise I am healthy and up to date on everything.  

I am a super sweet girl that isn't overly excited by a lot but will come to you for pets.  I get along with other dogs, was respectful to the cats I have met and I used to live with a couple of kids.  

My foster mom is still getting to know me and will be posting an update soon but I wanted to let you know that I am here.  If you would like to meet me please let L.E.A.R.N. know!

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