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About Onyx

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Ear Type: Long
  • Tail Type: Long
  • Current Size: 55 Pounds
  • Current Age: 2 Years 8 Months (best estimate)
  • Fence Required: Yes (3 foot)
  • Declawed: No
  • Obedience Training Needed: Has Basic Training
  • Exercise Needs: Moderate
  • Grooming Needs: Low
  • Shedding Amount: Moderate
  • Owner Experience Needed: Species
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly
HI EVERYONE!! Onyx checking in! It’s been a minute, but I’m finally medically cleared and ready to find my forever home!!
I have been through A LOT since I arrived at L.E.AR.N. in May. I had TWO surgeries on my left knee. My luxating patella is fixed and now my super wonky walk is just a wonky walk. :) My walk doesn’t slow me down though, I love to run around with my foster brothers in the back yard, but sometimes foster mom has to put me in a “time out” so I don’t overdo it. :(
My favorite toy is a Kong Wubba. I love shaking it and sometimes it goes flying across the room.  I haven’t broke anything yet. :) Foster mom says I walk okay on a gentle leader, but not great on a flat collar. She also says I have something called “selective recall.” Not sure what that means, I just know that I love rabbits, squirrels, and any other scent I can track.  Because of my love of “scents”, foster mom thinks I will need to always be leashed or find a forever home with a fenced yard. 
Have I mentioned I LOVE humans!! So much so that I’ve heard foster mom say that I don’t have any respect for “personal space”. What the heck, I just want to be AS CLOSE as I can to my human on the couch. Belly rubs are the best! I’m also content just being your lap warmer and laying my head across your lap. I also like to lay on my humans bed.  Sometimes I can get up on my own and sometimes I need a little help. Not gonna lie, I do prefer to sleep between my humans, at the top of the bed. My own pillow would be awesome! :) Foster mom says I should go to a home with no furniture restrictions.
When you come home, I’ll greet you at the door like you have been gone FOREVER, and nudge your hand to remind you where your priorities should be and how much I missed you, even if you are juggling whatever you walked through the door with.
Foster mom says I may never be a hiking or running partner, but I do still need exercise to continue building and maintaining my muscle mass in my hind legs, so a one or two mile walk each day would be awesome! My Vet said there may come a time that I will need surgery on my right knee, so my forever home should have the financial means to support a surgery, if needed. 
I have no problem with cats and I enjoy play and snuggle time with my four-legged foster brothers. I would love a play mate in my forever home.
I bet all this makes me sound like a whirling dervish of a wild child, but I really spend most of my time curled up in a ball on the couch. I love to gently take a blanket and hold it in my mouth. I may leave behind a little slobber but I never chew it. A home to call my own in the New Year would be the BEST!
If you think you might like to have me as your snuggle bug, walking partner and have already been approved, please email labmatch@labadoption.org. If you haven’t already been approved get on over to our website and put an application in for me! www.labadoption.org

June 23, 2022

Onyx had surgery a week ago to repair her Grade II Luxating Patella.  The surgery went well and she is on the mend.  Onyx has been such a trooper and doesn't complain about spending a lot of time cooped up in her kennel.

We take kennel breaks and hang out in the front yard.  After a little sniffing around, Onyx plops down and nudges for love and belly rubs.  She gets a little squirrley and wiggles around on her back with all four legs flying in the air.  As the days have gone-by, Onyx's interest in the yard critters has grown.  She tests my reflexes when she jumps up, ready for hot pursuit of bunnies and squirrels.  

I suspect Onyx's interest in small, fast animals is foreshadowing her future home.  She will need a yard big enough to run, but fenced.  Without a fence, I'm not exactly sure when Onyx would stop.  She's a little Forrest Gump like.

Onyx's food will have to be closely managed.  She is at a great weight right now.  Gaining too much weight will put a lot of stress on her joints.  Keeping her light is super important for her comfort and health.

Onyx still loves attention and cuddling.  Chin scratches and belly rubs are her thing.  She really misses curling up on the couch and in bed and will be happy when those restrictions are lifted.  A home that will allow her on the furniture is a must!

We return for follow-up surgical appointments in a couple of weeks and give a progress report then!

May 24, 2022

Onyx was surrendered to a local shelter after discovering issues with her hips and knees that were cost prohibitive for the original owners to surgically repair.  The shelter contacted L.E.A.R.N. and we pulled her from the shelter to give her a second chance at a quality life.

Onyx has been in her foster home a little over month now, while waiting to get in for her surgical consultation.  The specialists completed their exam and determined Onyx has Grade II Luxating Patellas and will require surgery on both knees.  She has some arthritis in her hips but its not debilitating for her and her knees are the primary issue.  Onyx's surgery is scheduled for mid-June and she will have an 8-10 week recovery.  While recovering, her other knee will be assessed to determine if a second surgery will be required.

Onyx is a cuddler.  She loves to curl up on the couch or bed, hanging close to her people.  When she isn't cuddling, she LOVES wrestling with her foster brother.  In spite of her bad legs, she will chase, be chased, tackle, and party like a rock star.

Onyx has a future in quality control for a fencing company.  She has found all the weak spots in our fence.  She gets to the other side and just wanders around the neighbors yard and has never gone too far.  She then stands on the other side of our yard and longingly stares back in.  She sees no need in shimmying back through and just waits for us to walk back around the block or lift her back over the fence.  The fence has been reinforced and the escape issues have resolved themselves.  Onyx has been reduced to chewing on sticks in the yard and wrestling matches with her foster brother.

Onyx knows her name and recalls with some encouragement.  She sits nicely and takes treats as sweetly as can be.  Onyx could use some work walking on a leash as she pulls a little more than she walks.  She isn't generally a barker...until you have a deer jump your fence and taunt you in your own backyard.

Stay tuned for more Onyx updates!

More about Onyx

Good with Dogs, Good with Adults, Somewhat vocal, Does Good in the Car, Requires a yard, Cratetrained, Likes to play with toys, Likes to be in your lap, Playful, Affectionate, Even-tempered, Gentle

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