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Labrador Retriever  : :  Female (spayed)

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About Mabel

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Yellow

Hello labbie lovers!!

My name is Mabel (6 years old) and I came into this wonderful rescue group in early October 2021. I'm not going to lie, I was very scared. I came in with two other dogs who I lived with since they were born (2 years). I was like their mother. When we were brought to this thing called "a house", the other two dogs looked to me to figure out what to do. They would not leave me side. And when I did move, they both moved with me. We were all shaking and nervous because we left the only place that we knew. Little did we know, we were going to live somewhere that was 200 times better than where we were. You see, we lived in a pole barn. And the only interaction we had with any human is when someone fed us. So we did not know what to do when there were three people trying to take care of us (bath and feed). We were put in a car and went three separate ways. 

Once I got to my residence, I got out of the car, ran to the middle of the yard, and crouched down whenever anyone would come near me. I was trying to camouflage myself to look like grass because I did not want to be near anyone. My foster dad tried to get me into the house after spending an hour outside. I would not go in because I have never been on the inside a house. I finally went in with a leash and found a place to stay for the next week. I called it my "safe zone". I would not leave it for anything, except to go outside because I was much happier outside. My tail would wag and I would have a smile on my face. 

Fast forward four weeks and I can go outside without assistance. I can come inside without assistance. I am willing to eat my food when it is put down. And now my foster family is getting me to have a feeding schedule to follow. I live with another dog and when he eats, I have to eat...otherwise I have to wait until my foster people leave the house and the other dog is in their kennel or at night when the other dog is locked behind a baby gate. When I am outside, I prance around and the other dog tries to get me to play. I am still not quite sure about the playing thing. I have picked up a Nylabone and started to chew it, and then the other dog took it away from me. There is an outside toy called The Flying Squirrel I have showed interest in, but then the other dog take it. 

I have a long road ahead of me with this thing called, "learning to be a dog". Check back for periodic updates...but in the meantime, I am going to chill here and learn from my foster brother (he is only a year old and has ALOT of energy). 

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