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About Olive

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Yellow
  • Current Age: 8 Months (best estimate)
  • Obedience Training Needed: Needs Training
  • Exercise Needs: Moderate
  • Grooming Needs: Low
  • Shedding Amount: Moderate
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

6/14/2020 NEW INTAKE

Meet Olive! 5-1/2 month old Lab mix.

After 12 hours I can say she is doing well here. As I thought she and my 9 month old pup are playing a lot. She has met my entire pack and did well outside with my 7 Labs. I sat outside for about 4 hours adding in one at a time until she met them all. We then had dinner and let her loose in the house with two of my mature dogs. She met my cats and had no reaction to them. I don’t think she’s had much time in a house as she seemed to think everything was new and fascinating. She wasn’t afraid, just curious. 

She really likes my husband. We have worked on sit to be petted and she has caught on quickly. She loves the stock tank pool we have. She loves toys. A bit possessive at first but improving. She might be too busy for someone with young children (under 10 or so) as she jumps and is a hand nibbler (will work on that). She is sweet but she has lots of energy so another dog or two to play with would be ideal from what I am seeing. She’d make a good agility dog or maybe dock diving as she leaps into the water tank. We will work on house manners and leash walking while she is here. She was crated about 2 hours tonight and whining at first then settled down. She will be sleeping in a crate here. No accidents so far. She either has collie or terrier in her background from her ear set and nose appearance us my guess.

Olive loves water and playing with my other dogs.  She shows little interest in my cats except to sniff them. She does bark at my donkeys and horses through the fence but she’s probably never seen them before. She loves running around my yard with a toy in her mouth. She is mischievous in the house and needs supervision as she likes to grab shoes and anything else in her reach. She is now quiet in a crate and sleeps all night. Because my dogs go out four times a day she has not had accidents in the house or her crate even over night. However I don’t know that she knows to ask to go outside. She rides well in my car in a kennel. I had her nails done at the groomer and she was a bit worried at first then settled down. 
She would do best in a home with a fenced yard and at least one other dog as a playmate. She also would benefit by taking an obedience class or two. She is very smart but needs boundaries. 


Olive, age 6 months, is making progress with her training and looking for the right family to be her forever home. She is a sweet dog who also learns quickly. 
She sits nicely on command for petting and much less jumping on us. She knows the word “off” and also “leave it”. She will lay down on command and is learning to heel on leash. She goes through an agility tunnel on command and is working on sit stay. She will retrieve a toy and loves playing in the stock tank we have as a pool. She is good with all my other dogs and my cats. She sleeps quietly in a crate at night.  She knows the word kennel and goes in on her own.  She is dry in the crate and no accidents in the house. I have taught her the “go potty” command for outside or on leash. 
The ideal family would have a fenced yard with another dog for her to play with. 

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