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UPDATE 7/16/24

Hi! Well I’m much more comfortable in my foster home now that I’m used to the routine.  I like to stay close to my foster parents especially my foster mom.  They think I was close to my mom before she passed away.  I’m spending more time alone with my foster dad and doing really good.  Well, maybe I cry a little when foster mom leaves, but then I just hang out with foster dad.  I even spent a day with my foster uncle and he said I was super good.  I just followed him around all day. Guess you could say I'm a bit of a velcro dog.

I still don’t get along with the lab who lives here but I’m better than I was. BUT... I’ve been going to doggie day care 4 or 5 days a week, and I'm getting along fine with the dogs there. I also like to follow the staff around.  The staff thinks that maybe I just don’t know how to play with the other dogs.

Next week I’m going to a dental specialist for a cleaning and X-rays to check 2 teeth that are cracked.

I still sleep in a crate at night.  My foster parents said I wouldn’t have to stay in a crate if I got along with the resident dog. I guess some personalities, just don't mesh?  I have a little separation anxiety when I’m in the crate and no one is home.  The vet gave me something to help with that and the trainer gave us some suggestions to help me, but maybe I wouldn't need to be crated if I was living with you and left alone.

I would sure love to find my forever family!  I might be a little shy when I meet you, but I’ll warm up to you quickly, and love you forever. Please consider adopting me, I have so much love to give.



Hi everyone!  My name is Lucy and I’m new to L.E.A.R.N. so my foster family is still getting to know me. I was surrendered to a shelter along with 2 other dogs after my mom passed away and my dad didn’t want to keep me. Even though I lived with 2 other dogs I’m not very fond of the lab that lives here. Not sure if it’s all the change, or maybe I lived with smaller dogs, or maybe our personalities just don’t mesh. It happens…

Good thing is, my foster family and a trainer are helping me with that. They think I’ll be able to overcome it with the proper training. I did go and meet the day care crew, and was ok when I saw all the big dogs, so who knows what’s up at the moment. I’ll keep working at it.

My foster family tells me I’m a sweet girl but a little fearful. I’m getting more comfortable every day. I stay in a crate at night and when no one is home.  When I’m not in the crate I like to stay close to my foster parents and I don’t bother anything in the house. I’m pretty quiet and mellow. We went to a dog wash and I was very good!  I was just spayed and need a little time to heal but I’m still available to meet you.  If you have a another dog, we could try a meet and see if we get along, but it may end up to be the best if I’m the only dog in the house. 

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