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2/12/24 - Hi everyone!  Gunnar here with an update!  I’m slowly adjusting to my new life.  I still have trouble with the sunlight coming through the windows and creating shadows.  My foster parents help me by keeping the shades down when it’s sunny outside.  If I get anxious they give me a lick or snuffle mat or a frozen Kong with peanut butter to distract me!  At night sometimes the outside lights still bother me so foster mom takes me out on a leash.  The vet gave me medicine to take everyday to help me while I adjust.  I’m not a fan of hard floors so foster dad put rugs down so I can walk around the house!  Even the vet put down extra rugs for me!  

I love living in a house!   I’m potty trained and I don’t get into things that I’m not supposed to.  I don’t use a crate because it was too scary.  My foster family says I don’t need one because I’m good at night and when they go away for a few hours.  I just hang out with the dog who lives here.  I love people especially if they pet me and I love stuffed animals!  The toys with a squeaker are the best!  The squeaker is also a good way to distract me if I’m anxious about something.  

I will be neutered on March 11th but I’m available to meet families before that.  If you are interested in adopting a senior boy who acts much younger than that and have already been approved, email  If you are not already approved you can fill out an application on our website.


1/14/24 - ON HOLD

Hi everyone!  I’m new to L.E.A.R.N. and just want to introduce myself. I’m 12 yrs old and have lived outside on a farm my whole life. I did have some shelter, but someone told my foster mom that they saw me tied up outside every day.  It didn’t take me long to realize I like living in a house and sleeping on a dog bed, but I do have a quirk that foster mom and dad are working on. I don't like all the shadows and sunlight moving around the house. I get a anxious and bark at it when I see it, so foster mom is doing things to distract me, and keep my mind off it.

My foster parents tell me I’m a sweet boy and I'm in great shape for a 12 yr old!  I like everyone I meet and get along with the dog that lives here.  I’m learning new things and I’m adjusting to city life!  I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Stay tuned


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