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9/20/2022 Medical HOLD

Update on Coda 

We talked with the vet this afternoon and it isn’t good news.  Coda’s kidney levels are still rising even with several days of fluids to try to reduce them.  She is now considered in acute kidney failure.  

Due to this she is not stable enough to go under anesthesia to have the leg repaired.  We have made the tough decision that if she is able to undergo any surgery that it will be in her best interest to remove the leg, since that surgery is much faster and safer for her.  

The vet will do more bloodwork tomorrow and we hope to see her numbers dropping some so that she can have this much needed surgery.

Once again, we are very thankful that she is being fostered and cared for by the amazing vet who originally reached out to us. She is getting the best possible care. Please say a prayer for her that she can pull out of this.


Update on Coda.  She was scheduled for surgery yesterday but has developed a concerning complication. Her urine became very dark, which is consistent with myoglobinuria, or passing of muscle proteins in the urine.  This is common after severe trauma, and in some cases can cause some kidney damage.  They performed a blood panel before surgery, and she has elevated BUN, and creatinine levels. It was decided she should NOT go to surgery right now because that would be more risk for her kidneys.  To protect her kidneys and help flush out the myoglobin, she has been started on fluids.  They do not want to over hydrate due to the anemia and resolving swelling but need to flush out the toxins. 

She is still bright and sweet, but not eating quite as well.  We are hoping that part of that is because the Fentanyl patch was wearing off, it has been replaced.

We have asked what the delay might mean for the fracture repair and the vet stated that he used to work with another shelter and saw many fractures that were 2 weeks out, and they were still able to get good results with surgery on them. He is very optimistic.

We are very thankful that she is being fostered for us by the vet that initially reached out to us. She is in the best possible hands. We would like to thank our many supporters that have already donated to her care, and welcome continued donations to help cover her growing medical bills. Please send positive vibes to sweet Coda so that she can get passed this complication and have the surgery next week.

9/12/2022 ~ Meet Coda…

Coda has a sad story to tell. 

According to her owners, Coda came to them just a few short weeks ago. Then a few days ago she was running in the owner’s yard when she suddenly cried out and came running back with a small wound and no weight bearing on the rear leg. The owners are not sure, but they thought maybe she ran in to some construction material. They brought her to the vet, and when an X-ray confirmed that the leg was broken (shattered actually), the owner realized that they could not afford treatment or even an amputation. 

Because Coda is such a sweet girl, the vet did not want to euthanize, so the family agreed to surrender Coda to the vet. Initially the vet was going to amputate the leg and then try to find a home for her, but being only 2 years old and so sweet, the vet decided to reach out to us to see if we would be willing to take on her care and pursue treatment versus amputation.

We have consulted with a Board Certified Orthopedic surgeon and they think that the fracture can be repaired with interlocking pins or a plate, but more X-rays are needed to be sure. They are recommending waiting a few more days for the swelling to go down and to be sure there is no infection before surgery.  She will then need 8-10 weeks of cage rest while the fracture heals.  Right now she is on 3 different pain medications and antibiotics.  If all goes well, she is scheduled for surgery Thursday.

She is eating better since starting the pain meds.  She is extremely sweet, loves people and sunshine, has been doing well with the resident dog, and pretty much ignores the cat.  

The surgeon may still determine that the leg should be amputated, but if they feel they can save it, we want them to do all that they can to give her the best chance at a full, active life on 4 legs. 

As you can imagine, the surgery is going to be expensive. Even with our rescue discount we have been quoted $5000. If you would like to help support Coda and her medical journey, please donate via the Paypal link on our website. 

Coda and everyone here at L.E.A.R.N. thanks you!

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