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5/25/22   We have some sad news to share. We sent Betsy for an ultrasound and unfortunately, it's not good news. They discovered masses on both her adrenal glands that they believe are cancerous and because they're on both, there is no surgical option. They also found two blood clots- one by her kidney and the other in her aorta. They believe they're secondary to the masses on her adrenal glands but there is no good anti clotting medication for dogs. And lastly, there is a mass on her liver that they also believe is cancer. At this point, there is nothing more we can do for her except keep her comfortable. It’s difficult to know how much time she has without knowing how long she's had all the issues, but it's likely months. LEARN would like to thank all who donated to her care, which allowed us to have the ultrasound done. Her foster home will continue to love her and make her as comfortable and happy for as long as possible.

Meet Betsy! The sweetest and best tennis ball carrier this side of the state! Bets (as she is affectionately known) is an 11 year chocolate lab who came to LEARN after her human passed away. She is the sweetest girl who loves to go for car rides, meet other doggy friends and snooze in the sun. She’s as laidback as any dog I’ve ever met and is happy just laying by your feet!


She’s got some severe skin issues and was just diagnosed with Cushings disease, which is a condition in which too much cortisol is produced either from her pituitary gland or from a tumor on her adrenal gland. The vet thinks this condition has exacerbated her skin issues and made them difficult to heal. She’s on antibiotics, and that’s helped with the itching, but she’s still got extensive scabs that dry out and bleed. Our next steps are to take a biopsy of her skin to see if it’s a fungal or bacterial infection as well an ultrasound of her belly to see where the Cushings is stemming from. The good news is that all of this is very treatable and relatively non-invasive. And she’s got some pretty sweet tank tops to help protect her skin. The bad news is that it is fairly costly.


Betsy was a mama at some point and I’d love nothing more than to give her a Mother’s Day present of relief and comfort for her golden years!

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