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12/20/21 ~ Hi Everyone, Mona checking in. The nice people at L.E.A.R.N. brought myself, my puppies and Charlie up from Oklahoma and are a taking really good care of us. I'm super busy taking care of my babies right now, and foster mom says I will need to be spayed (what the heck is that?? ) and work to put on weight. She says I'm really skinny, so much so that she can feel my backbone when she pets me. No worries though, I'm getting all kinds of nummy food right now to help me with my pups and to keep up my strength.

Foster mom says I'm a really good mamma, and take really good care of my babies, but that I also like my quiet time with my humans. I'm turning into quite the snuggler.

Stay tuned for more updates as I teach my babies how to be good dogs and work on "fattening" up. :)



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