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11/29/2021  Colt was cleared of his Giardia and was able to be neutered last week. He continues to make strides towards being a normal Labrador. He does not like fast movements and startles easily. Even though he shies away at times, he will approach after being encouraged. He has the best happy dance when we come home and food is being prepared. He eats like a champ now, doesn't miss a kibble. He has swallowed a couple flat fuzzy toys, which luckily came back up. He cannot have stuffies without supervision. He likes to greet us with something in his mouth, which might be a shoe or slipper, but he has not destroyed anything. He gets along with his 4 foster siblings, large and small. He has learned to ignore the resident cat. He has not met any children, so I don't know his behavior around them. Any potential adopters will be asked to visit several times to help his adjustment to a new home.


10/23/2021   Colt is learning to trust and does not flinch as often when touched. He can startle easily if he is in a new situation. He lays closer to us from the safety of his corner. He has approached new people that have come to visit us. He is starting to come in and out of  the door to the outside with less coaxing. He has become quite the toy hoarder, his bed is always full. He greets us now with much enthusiasm and toys in his mouth. He worries when we leave him, but never destructive. He still has Giardia, so he is on 2 more weeks of treatment and his neuter has been moved to November 10th. He has a good appetite and has learned to eat on a schedule instead of self feeding. He will need a family that is patient and understanding of his shyness. He has the potential to become the confident Labrador that he can be. He has a beautiful soul waiting to come out.


  10/10/2021  I have been with my foster family for a week now. It was so scary when I was taken from the only life I have known, a kennel in a pole barn. I now have a fluffy bed in an inside place with other dogs. These humans have been very kind to me, but I'm so afraid to get very close since I have never had a human gentle touch before. I didn't eat for several days, but I am now trusting enough to eat. I've had some treats that are very yummy too. My foster mom is giving me pills for Giardia, I have no idea what that is, but I like the cheese or bread she wraps around them. I know I have a long way to go and I am starting a new life. I'm pretty sure I'm going to like it once I learn what it is all about. Colt 

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