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Stormy is a sweet-tempered 6-year-old Black Lab who likes good company. 

She is scheduled for a spay and has had at least one litter of puppies. Besides the usual ways to tell, there is also the abiding patience she shows her five-month-old foster sister (who jumps, maws, and can be generally annoying). 

Stormy knows basic commands, is obedient, housebroken, and non-aggressive towards other dogs. She's great with strangers and is a perfect co-pilot in the car.

Initially described as an escape artist, she's been kept on a leash. While we haven't seen her try to sneak off, a house with a fence would be nice. Although, she would rather be sitting on your lap where you can give her all the pets she deserves!

Weighing in at 106 lbs Stormy is working hard to shed a bit of that extra weight before the winter hits. Fortunately, Stormy is fond of walks and eager to please, so a strict food and exercise regimen will likely get her down to a healthy weight.  

Stormy is inclined to become fast friends. She wants nothing more than to sit quietly with her people, preferably within petting distance or with her head in your lap.

If you're looking for the sweetest, most patient, and low key lab, Stormy is your girl!

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