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10/7/21, I am still here and in need of a home.  I have completed my training and know all my commands!  I need a special home that will keep up with my training and be the leader that I need.  I love the dog park and playing frisbee in the yard. I know I don’t look like your typical lab and I think that is why I am still here but L.E.A.R.N. took a chance on me when I needed them most, would you be willing to take a chance as well?  Please contact L.E.A.R.N. if you would like to know more about me.

8/19/21, Hello!  Roxy here again. I just wanted to give you an update on me.  I am currently still looking for my forever home and can't wait to find my perfect family!  I am working with a trainer to learn my manners and not just the basics.  I am currently working on stay and touch, stay is kinda hard but I do it!  I will need a family that is willing to keep up with my training as I need a job to do and working my brain and continued learning is the best way to help me be my best.  I love other dogs and would do best with a friend in the house that wants to play but I love my people more so another dog isn't a must. I will keep updating you on my progress but if you would like to meet me please let L.E.A.R.N. know! 

7/16/21 Update -

My  family moved and didn’t take me with them :-(   Luckily a neighbor found me and contacted L.E.A.R.N..  Now I’m ready to find my forever family!

I’m up to date on vaccines and I was spayed on the 14th.  I’ve been learning so many new things. I don’t think I had any training when I was younger. I’m learning commands like sit, down, stay, off and give.  I tried counter surfing a few times but my foster mom says it’s not good manners.  She thinks I’m too mouthy so I’m working on that. I’m  also learning how to walk nice on a leash.  My foster sister is a lab and she doesn’t always want to play with me.  I figured out when to leave her alone.  She doesn’t mind if I lay next to her so I’m happy with that.  

I’m very quiet when I sleep in my crate at night.  I also stay in my crate if my foster parents have to leave during the day.  They must stand outside and listen to me because they said I bark for a few minutes and then settle down. 

I’m an active and smart dog!  I love running around the yard.  Sometimes I chase the ball but I also like to chase the birds and bunnies.  I think I’ll be really good at agility (check out my video) or as a jogging partner.  With the right training I think I’ll be good at just about anything!


6/22/21 - Hi everyone!  My name is Roxy and I just want to let you know that I’m here.   I’ve only been in my foster home for 4 days so I will update you as soon as we get to know each other.  I get to see the vet on July 2nd for a checkup, vaccinations and to find out when I will be spayed. So far I’m doing good!  I love to eat my food and the treats are even better!

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