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Hello All! My name is Lily.

I've been with my foster two weeks now, and would like to introduce myself. I've had many changes over the past few months, but I'm learning they are all for the good. You see, I was first rescued by Common Ground Rescue in November from horrible outdoor conditions with many other Lab friends. Common Ground took care of all of us and now we have all moved on and are learning to trust humans.

My first big struggle was eating when I got to my new foster home, but now I'm happy to eat the same kibble as my foster siblings.

I'm starting show interest in treats and toys too, so learning commands is starting to be fun!

This weekend I'm camping with 4 dogs and 18 hoomans, so I'm getting exposure to many different things. Thursday I didn't like going potty on a leash and now it’s, when I gotta go, a leash walk is ok. See how quick I learned that? Plus I get lots of pets and good girls when I do.

I'm gonna be on hold for a bit yet, while I learn to continue to trust these hoomans that are loving on me, but so far, I'm really digging it!



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