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Hi everyone! 
Lily here. You might remember me, I’ve been in my LEARN foster home since June 13 but have been on HOLD. The people at LEARN and my foster Mom and Dad thought it would be good for me to have a little bit of extra love and help learning to be a house dog. 
I came to LEARN from a place they called Lab Town in Kentucky. While I was there I lived with a couple other dogs in a pen. There was a nice lady there that fed us and kept our pen clean but she had lots of dogs and it was hard work. Unfortunately she was the only human I knew for 2 1/2 years. Then a place called Common Ground Community  Rescue Network in Chicago heard about Lab Town and decided we should come North and find real homes. So I moved North and spent a couple months in a nice, warm house with some other fosters. Common Ground got me all caught up on vetting and had me spayed. I know those are important things. Sadly  Common Ground had to many dogs and asked for a rescue partner to help out. My foster Mom saw my cute little face and said I could come to LEARN  and continue getting ready for my FOREVER family.
Well now let me fill you in on the nifty gritty.  Because I wasn’t properly socialized I’m a bit shy with humans. I LOVE my foster Mom and Dad but take my time getting to know other humans. I live with two other labs and we have lots of fun.  I love a good game of fetch.  I also love all the dog toys here. I like stealing them and collecting them in my kennel. I love my kennel and go in there on my own to chill out. I’ll tell you a secret during the day I like to sneak into my foster brother’s kennel. It’s the same as mine but I usually have so many toys in mine that I can’t stretch out.  While I’m not confident around humans I really like playing with other dogs.
Foster Mom says I’m a gem. I’m past that annoying chewing phase, although we have really nice elk horns if I feel the urge  I’ve also got the potty outside thing down, no accidents for me. I will snuggle on the couch but actually prefer to sneak onto the comfy human bed. I know Sit and Down.  I like going for walks and Mom says I’m getting better at it. The only problem is I like to smell everything and if it smells good I can be a bit stubborn. My foster family likes to do a thing called camping. I like it too because I get to go for a long ride in the truck and sleep in a little house on wheels. Most of all I like it because there are new places for walks and new people and things to see.
Well that’s the good stuff about me. Hey I’m all good, but because of the rough start I had I’m looking for a very special family. I would really like to have a canine brother or sister. I’m not certain I’d like little humans because I still get frightened by sudden movement.  It would be nice to have a fenced yard although Mom says I have a GREAT recall. Most importantly I need a patient family to help me, Lily BLOOM.

Hello All! My name is Lily.

I've been with my foster two weeks now, and would like to introduce myself. I've had many changes over the past few months, but I'm learning they are all for the good. You see, I was first rescued by Common Ground Rescue in November from horrible outdoor conditions with many other Lab friends. Common Ground took care of all of us and now we have all moved on and are learning to trust humans.

My first big struggle was eating when I got to my new foster home, but now I'm happy to eat the same kibble as my foster siblings.

I'm starting show interest in treats and toys too, so learning commands is starting to be fun!

This weekend I'm camping with 4 dogs and 18 hoomans, so I'm getting exposure to many different things. Thursday I didn't like going potty on a leash and now it’s, when I gotta go, a leash walk is ok. See how quick I learned that? Plus I get lots of pets and good girls when I do.

I'm gonna be on hold for a bit yet, while I learn to continue to trust these hoomans  that are loving on me, but so far, I'm really digging it!



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