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ON HOLD ~ 2/14/21  Hi There!  My name is Nick and I am about 2 years old.  You would think that I was much younger based on how big I am, see I’m only about 35-40 pounds!!  I am learning to love the couch, I can snuggle up with you there and get some much wanted attention but I will be quiet as a mouse since I still haven’t barked while in foster. 

A little back story on me is that I came from Texas about a week ago.  Sadly no one there cared about me enough to give me that yummy monthly treat to prevent heartworm. Because of that I tested positive and will have to be in foster care longer than most to go through treatment. 

I hear this treatment costs a lot of money, I don’t know much about money, I just know bones and treats, but if you would like to help, please donate! Virtual Labby kisses from me!!

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