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Tavi update 2/28 
My foster mom says it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve come to stay with her and she wanted me to say hi! My foster mom says I’ve come such a long way in 3 weeks. She is teaching me that I have a special spot in the kitchen to curb my counter surfing. When she says “place” I go and lie down on my spot and she throws me treats once in awhile. I like treats so much I just automatically go to my spot when we go into the kitchen. We have been working on Sit, down, come, leave it and touch and she says I am doing a great job. I love to do zoomies in the back yard with my four legged sister (it took me a awhile to get use to the snow being a Texas gal) I love squishy beds and soft blankets to curl up on. I’m learning leash manners and listen intently always watching my foster mom. She said I’m such a sweet little luv bug, so eager to please (I say it’s the treats) I’m completely potty trained and don’t mind my crate at all. I would love to find my peoples to snuggle up on the couch after going for a walk. I’m going to the Vet on 3/8 to get spayed afterwards I will be ready for my forever home!! 

Hello!  My name is Octavia but you can call me Tavi.  I am about a year old and I am new to LEARN, I have been here for a little while and am learning to love and trust the new people in my life.  I get along with other dogs and am curious about cats but have been respecting them so far. I don't mind my crate and I know a couple basic commands like sit and come but I am learning leave it and down.  I am very treat motivated so learning is fun and easy! (this explains my counter surfing!) 

I have an interested history, when I was in Texas I was actually shot! (some property owners didn't like that I wandered onto their land) My foster mom took me to the vet and they did an x-ray, it shows that there is a bb or some other small thing in me, it's close to my spine but the vet says that its ok to stay there and I don't need surgery. The only surgery I need is to be spayed, once that is complete I can move on to my forever home.  

If you would like to meet me and are an approved adopter please let L.E.A.R.N. know!

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