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2/26/21 Update for Gentry – he is just the happiest little pup ever!!  We call him wiggle butt because his tail is always wagging.  When he gets super excited he will jump and do a little pirouette – it’s just the cutest to see.  He has this little bit of floof at the end of his tail that is just adorable.  


He didn’t much care for the cold and snow when he first arrived but now has so much fun playing outside and digging in snow banks.  He plays well with the resident dog and plays very nicely on his own as well.  He would be fine as an only dog but life is good with pals too!  He really prefers being with his ‘people’ and snuggles on the couch or lays close to you wherever you may be.    


He is learning to sit and wait.  He sits really well for treats but still needs to work on sitting/waiting for meals.  He just gets so excited to eat.  Very treat/food motivated so bonus for training!  He willingly goes to his kennel at night and gets up around 5:30 to go potty, runs right back to his kennel when he comes in to wait for his treat for going potty outside, then takes a little nap until breakfast time.  He learned how to go down stairs this weekend and has been pretty consistent with running to the stairs when we tell him ‘potty outside’.  He is doing pretty well with potty training but sometimes gets so busy playing and forgets.  He is very smart and has quickly figured out routines and schedules.  He does get a bit mouthy when he is tired but overall he is a fierce bundle of energy and an absolute delight.

2/22/21 - Update - Foster Mom says  We are making good progress with potty training. Taught him how to go down stairs Saturday. Smart boy - only took two times and he had it down. Now when I tell him 'potty outside' he goes right for the stairs. It's just a matter of catching up with that little bladder but the piddle accidents are less frequent. He has a tell for poop but not for piddle. He is very treat/food motivated so he will be easy to train.  

2/14/21 ~  Gentry is doing very well. He willing goes in his crate at night, whines when he needs to go potty which is 1 to 3x per night. He is learning sit for treats and meals and catching on quickly . 'Wait' still needs work for the little wiggle butt lol. Potty training is hit and miss. He will go potty outside but he is just as happy to go inside too. Potty training is usually easier with an older resident dog but not so much for Gentry but we keep moving forward and are getting more hits than misses - so progress. He is a  fierce, sassy, smart little boy.

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