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3/5/21 Chloe has been in her foster home for almost 4 weeks so we wanted to provide more information about her.

She is small, but has grown and gained 5 pounds. She is a high energy puppy who will need an active family and/or a job. Daily walks are needed along with training time. She walks well on a Martingale collar and even better on a training collar. She will run across the room to get in her crate when told “kennel” if she thinks there is a treat involved. She will “wait “ to exit her crate and “sit” to have her leash put on and for her meals. We are also working on and making progress on off, down, and housebreaking.

Chloe can be very vocal if she wants something, attention, and playing with toys, so we are working on discouraging that behavior.
She currently lives with two other labs ages 13 1/2 and 11 1/2. She is very rambunctious and likes to jump all over them. We are also working on being more polite and respectful to them. She’s very respectful to our neighbors higher energy dog though.
Chloe has a great temperament. She is used to being touched all over, getting ears cleaned and teeth brushed (although that is not her favorite). She is Also used to hands being put in her food dish, petting during feeding and having her food dish taken away momentarily during meals. She is great with all of this. If you would like “active” and have the time to work with and mold her, she will become a great family member for you.

Hi I’m Chloe,

I’m approx. 9 weeks old and came from TX to WI with my brothers and sisters. I’m small, spunky, sassy and have a lot of puppy energy.

I am working on crate training, house breaking and basic commands.  

I would do best with an active family with older children or a very dog savvy family due to my puppy energy.

My older foster brother and sister are curious about me, but really don’t like me as I am just a rambunctious puppy who likes to bug them all the time.  I just want to be by and with them, but they are not interested.

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