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Well I have been in my foster home for 3 weeks now and I have come a long way. My separation anxiety has gotten much better. I will go in the crate without a problem if my foster parents are going away for a while. I still don't like it if they go outside the house and do not take me with them. You know, I can still see them!! I have learned the household routine and if not on schedule I am right there with my Labbie foster sisters letting the humans know. I know many commands and am actually learning how to give paw. My leash walking skills are coming along. They tell me I am still a big clunky but such a lover and all around good boy.
My name is Tripp. I think I am 9 years young and I am a very lucky guy to have found my way to L.E.A.R.N.
My story is one that I only know for sure. Seems this man knew my humans but never knew they had me because they kept me in a crate in the basement. When he discovered me and got me out of there but his wife turned out to be allergic to me, so he gave me to his daughter who really didn't want me either.
They met another man who said he would take me and the next day he contacted L.E.A.R.N. saying he needed me out that day.
So this is where my foster parents stepped in. You see they lost 2 of their 5 LEARN dogs in the last 6 weeks but they spoke to them saying you need to to help Tripp in our honor. They must have spoke to someone on the board also, because they knew my foster parents would take me. Turns out I am really very social but have a lot of seperation anxiety (ya think) and a few medical issues to be addressed. Stay tuned...I will post more as I continue to adjust.

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