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Remington is 6 years old and right around 90 pounds. He is a big love bug that will always go for a belly rub. He gets along well with all sizes of dogs and is very food motivated and willing to work. His previous family said that he was a hunting dog, but we have not seen any of that ability.

He previously lived with 2 young kids. The kids would try and grab him, pull his collar and play barbershop with him by pulling his ears to give them "a trim". He tried to warn them many times that he didn’t like what was happening, he would leave the room, growl, go to his crate but no one listened. He finally had enough one day and he bit one of the children on the hand. Because of this incident he was sent to his vet to be euthanized. 

The vet's office knew and loved Remi and saw all the good in him so they asked the family to surrender him to them. They reached out to LEARN and he went to Board and train. There they worked on trust and finding out more about him.

We did discover that he has a bit of food possession but building trust of hand feeding at first and showing him he can trust you, quickly becomes filling a bowl and him being able to eat without issue.

Because of how he was treated before, he is not a dog you can surprise or grab his collar without telling him, he needs to know what is happening before it happens. We are going to try a harness to see if that will help lessen his sensitivity. 

He needs a special someone that understands him and is willing to work with him and set him up for success. So, because of this, he isn’t able to be adopted to a home with small children. The board and train had teens that were able to work with him fine. He needs someone that is willing to continue training, building his confidence and trust. If that is you please let L.E.A.R.N. know and we can talk about him more with you and set up a meet.

Here is a write up from his trainer (she is willing to talk with people also):

Remi is a sweet boy who needs someone patient enough to work through his past traumas and triggers with him.  He does not do well with surprises that require someone to grab his collar or to move at him abruptly. He has some food possession issues that he’s working on.  He’s food motivated which is helping him gain trust and learn new commands.

He likes people and is fine with other dogs although he wouldn’t mind all of the attention that a single dog home would provide, either.  He’s fine with cats and older children.  Ongoing training and behavioral modification/support is recommended although he may be fine with the more experienced dog person.

Remi will be a loyal companion for the person willing to take their time and earn his trust- it won’t be a fast progression but the reward of helping Remi overcome his fears will be worth the work!


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