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07/08/20 Update

Hi there, this is Cassie.  I am really enjoying my time with my foster family, but I am ready to find my forever family!  Would you please consider adopting me?

I am a very sweet and gentle girl that can be a little scared when I first meet you, but I warm up quickly.  I like to give kisses, but I am not overly mouthy or jumpy with anyone.  My foster family does not have any kids, but I have been very submissive and friendly with all adults I have met, as well as, their 4 house cats, 2 dogs, and 2 horses and any visitors that have come over

My foster mom does crate me when she goes to work but I sleep in bed with her at night, she says I am the best snuggler and that I snore like an old man!  I sleep through the night and don’t get into any trouble or make any messes because I am potty trained.

I am good on my own inside as long as I have a couple bones to chew on. When outside I always come when called and never get in your way.  When friends come over, I greet them with a kiss if they let me and immediately give them my belly, just in case I can get a belly rub.  I’m not jumpy and I don’t constantly need attention. I’m just happy being by someone, sniffing smells and laying around.       

I am still learning that the car isn’t a scary or bad place but with each trip I am getting better.  So if road trips are in the future I will need to work up to them.  But with some time, patience and special treats I am sure I will learn to love the car.

Some of my favorite things are: cuddling on the couch next to you, sitting on the floor chewing on bones, playing with my foster brother, sniffing smells in the yard, sunbathing, and sleeping next to you in bed.

If you are looking for a gentle sweetheart, I am your girl.

6/14/2020 NEW INTAKE

Cassie is sweetheart. Loves giving and receiving kisses. Really enjoys following others. She attached quickly to our 6 year old chocolate lab, Hershey. She noticed the horses right away and never barked or withdrew. They all just sniffed each other through the fencing then moved on. I introduced our dogs to her one at a time with no concerns.

She has been sleeping and eating a lot which was needed. She had a bath and dose of frontline. She has dandruff and scratches, so we wanted to see if a bath would soothe her. There are a couple of light spots on her and a hairless spot on her chest. The light spots may just be her coloring but not sure why no hair on the one spot.

No crating and no accidents. She is eating and drinking well. She really loves snuggling up with my husband. He is up nights when I sleep and she was happier to be by him then asleep with me and Hershey. She has chewed on a couple bones in our basket of goodies but not that interested in the toys or having to chew on something, for now at least.

I think she is just tired from all the travels and spay surgery and getting some much needed rest. She is a gentle sweetheart and just wants to be loved and snuggled.

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