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Hello my name is Max.  I'm a 1 yo neutered male Lab mix.  I came from Texas where my family was moving and could not take me.   I'm living with my foster mama, 5yo female lab, 2 cats and a bird.   I am a very good boy and I weigh 41 pounds. I love to play with my labby sister and Jasper the cat.  I'm getting used to a routine now including going in my crate when told.  I eat in my crate too.  I chill out when I want in my crate.  I do need some training like leash walking, down and sometimes sit.  I take treats gently and love stuffed toys and bones. I need work on my shyness and timidness.  It took me several hours to allow my foster mama to pet me.  Now we are fast friends and I follow her every where.  I m potty trained but have had some accidents.Since I was left by my family I tend to leave little piddles in the house so they can find me.  This sounds crazy but many dogs that are suddenly left behind  are still looking for our pack, so we leave a mark so they can find me.  It is a mild form of separation  anxiety  I'm getting better every day.  I need to trust my foster family.  I am healthy with all my shots.  Please come visit me and maybe you'll be the right family for me.  I'm a love bug

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