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Hi There!

My name is Duke and I am one special guy.  I am about 3 years old and a total sweetheart. I came to LEARN a couple months ago from a rescue in Texas.  When I came into rescue in Texas, they found that I had a major trauma to one of my eyes.  It was determined that there was no saving the eye and that it needed to be removed. So I came to LEARN as a dog that was always winking at you for attention. 

When I got to my foster home they noticed that one of my hind legs wasn't working like it should.  I didn't really use it and if I did it was mostly for balance.  (But don't think that having a bad leg slowed me down, I can run like the wind on 3 legs!)  I have seen a couple specialists and it was determined that we could try and do multiple surgeries and try to save the leg but that the best option for a long and pain free life was to remove my bad leg.  

So this Friday is the day, I am having my leg removed and I have decided that I am no longer going to be a winking dog but a super tough pirate!  I am totally going to rock the eye patch and a wooden leg (its just a giant stick, right?). So I will always win any costume contest you put me in.  Who could resist me!!!   

I will be looking for my new forever home in a couple weeks once I have recovered from my surgery.  I do great with other dogs, I LOVE people, I think I would like kids but I haven't been around them much. 

If you are willing to open your heart and home to a one eyed, three legged dog that will give you so much love and affection, you have found the right dog, me, DUKE!

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