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Hi, my name is Cali, and I’m as sweet as can be. I love pets and cuddling, and I know all my basic commands, and I'm house trained. I’m pretty smart, as I’m learning how to use my foster home doggie door. I love it! I get along well with my younger foster brother, and I will gently (a little growl) let him know when I’m done playing. I also love to play fetch, and I bring the ball back so you won’t have to chase me.

Cali’s previous owner could no longer take care of her after ten years. He is in the Air Force and has been deployed oversees for an extended period of time and unable to bring her along. She is up-to-date on all her shots. She may be ten, but she still loves to play and have fun.  She will either sleep on her dog bed or in bed with you (with a little help getting up) if you want. She also has excellent recall and comes right away when her name is called. She is a tall girl and around 75 pounds, and she is a Lab mixed with a little of something else.

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