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Basil here again!   I have been with L.E.A.R.N. for a while again and I have decided that I would rather have a home all to myself.  I am great with kids and adults but I want all the attention for myself when it comes to other dogs.   I like to go for walks but Daycare and Dog Parks are not my thing.  I am a sweet 10 year old that has had my entire world flipped upside down in the last 5 months and I need a place to land that I can call my own.  Please let L.E.A.R.N. know if you would be interested in meeting me.  


Hello All –
Basil originally came into rescue with her bonded litter mate because of a divorce in the family. The 2 dogs were adopted out together, but Basil is back in foster care.

Basil is back due to some possessive growling over the human. She is NOT possessive over food, water, beds, or toys. It's pretty mild but is unacceptable behavior. Basil will sometimes, but not always, growl at the other pooches to get them to back off when she is getting attention from the human. However, if the other dogs are getting attention already, it doesn't happen, but she will try to butt in. The growling is closed mouth and is a rumble in the chest. This is being corrected in foster care.

Basil is very affectionate and loves attention but will chill out next to the human when the human is occupied. She isn't touching the dog beds but wants to be close to the humans. She is a very good leash walker. She has tendency to want to try to get closer by putting her paw on you or on the couch, or standing on her hind legs to get her face closer to you. This is also being corrected. She is actually very gentle about it; she doesn't lunge at you or jump on you. She has not actively tried to get on the furniture. She also takes treats very gently but so far has no interest in veggies or fruit. She is a light and slow eater and leaves food in her bowl. Right now I am having to wait for her to eat or she will walk away, but this has been standard during all foster care.

Basil has free roam at all times, even when there are no humans in the house.  There have been no accidents, no inappropriate chewing or damage to anything.  She can get in and out of the vehicle by herself with no problems.  Stairs are not an issue either - she exhibits no symptoms of arthritis or any hip issues. She does have a benign golf ball sized tumor on her chest, with another pea sized one next to it.

Basil is a female, 10 y.o. Lab mix, probably some Greyhound in there somewhere.

~~~~~~~~~October 2019~~~~~~~~~~~~`
Hello everyone!

My name is Basil, and I wanted to let you know that after a few trips to the Vet, I am ready to be adopted! I had a condition known as "happy tail" where the end of my tail had split open. I had gotten into the habit of cleaning it, which kept it open and bleeding. I am a very happy girl and wag my tail...A LOT!! This caused my tail to hit walls, refrigerators, ovens, people, etc. With an open tail like I had, blood would splatter everywhere. When I would sit/lie down, the tail would leak blood, and my foster parents would have to clean it up every time I moved from place to place...and I moved quite a bit. 

​It was safe to say that I was unadoptable with the condition that I had.  My foster parents put a "cone of shame" on me hoping that by not licking it, it would stop bleeding and scab over. M y tail was still too long, and I could still get at it.  So I was brought to the Vet where it was agreed that I would have a tail amputation. This would stop me from licking my tail and opening up the wound over and over again. The procedure went well, and now I have a shorter tail. My belly has some lumps and bumps, but that came with age. 

I am a super affectionate girl. I love the belly rubs and any attention I can get. If you are willing to adopt two dogs, my brother Bailey and me, we would be the best dogs. Contact LEARN if you would like to set up a meet for me and my brother. 


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