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About Groot

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Brown/Chocolate
  • Current Size: 80 Pounds
  • Current Age: 2 Years 6 Months (born on 2/8/2018)
  • Grooming Needs: Low
  • Shedding Amount: Moderate
1/18/20 ~ Foster mom took me to the vet Thursday for my final vaccination.  I guess she recently, realized that one of my foster siblings squeaky toys was missing and she couldn’t find it anywhere. So she asked the vet to x-ray my stomach while I was there. I heard her tell the vet that the last place she saw the stuffy was laying in my crate. Doc didn’t find anything definitive, but there was something unusual, so they kept me overnight to re-x-ray in the morning. Seems they wanted to see if things were moving and if anything could be seen the second time around. Well guess what? The doc saw a round object in my stomach, more than likely the squeaky. They tried to remove it with an endoscope, but it was too big, so they had to open up me up to retrieve it! 

I kept hearing foster mom refer to it as a squirrel… but when the doc called to let her know how I was doing, the first thing he said was, “It was a fox.” (pictured below-16 inches long  ) Foster mom asked how he knew that, and he said, “Because he swallowed it WHOLE!!” Hey, I just wanted that stuffy all to myself, what can I say?? 
The doc and all the cute girls who worked with me, said I was really sweet. As long as they were gentle with me, I did really well with all the strangers. You humans aren’t so bad after all, I just need time to realize that…I’m still glad to be home and resting though.
Thankfully it was still in my stomach and hadn’t moved to my intestine, but I guess the bill for my shenanigans was pretty costly. I know foster mom still loves me, but I’d sure appreciate some help paying for it, if you could find it in your heart.

1/4/2020 ~ Hi All! Tango checking in! Foster mom says I'm doing really good!  She thinks it's time to start looking for my forever home!  I have heard her say that there are a few things that I need, and that my forever home is going to have to be very understanding.  I'm not a fan of the crate, and foster mom hates the idea of crating me because of my background.  I have destroyed a few things when foster mom and dad have left the house (dog bed, kitchen chair cushions), so she is going to try gating me in the kitchen with NOTHING available for me to destroy.  She thinks that will work, as I seem to like to chew on soft stuff.

I have come to trust my foster mom and dad and will let them love on me and give me butt scratches and hugs, but I am still pretty afraid if new people come into the house. At Christmas, when the house was full of humans, I was comfortable laying under the kitchen table with all of them around me, but I didn't want anyone touching me. Because of that, foster mom thinks I would do better in a fairly quiet house. 

I'm learning to be good with the cat, so I should be ok with cats, but I REALLY, REALLY must have another dog to be my buddy...boy or girl, doesn't matter, but I still take my cues from them, so I really want a friend to live with me. 
Foster mom also thinks it would be a good idea for my forever home to meet me a few times, to give me a chance to get to know you. I guess that means several visits...We live near West Bend, Wisconsin.  So if you think you may be interested in meeting me and are willing to come see me a few times, let L.E.A.R.N. know. I have to go see the Vet again on January 16th, and I'll be ready to go to my forever home anytime after that.

12/22/19 ~  One week update Tango...
When I first got here I had to drag a slip lead around so foster mom could get close enough to leash me to go outside. Now I go right to the door and let her clip the leash to my collar. Foster mom says that is a HUGE deal!!
A week ago I wouldn't go near foster mom and dad to get pets, but I've discovered that neck rubs and butt scratches are the bomb! 
Not a fan of the crate just yet, but foster mom says I have to go in it when she is not home, becau se I am doing something that she calls marking. I got the big "snip" last week Tuesday, so that's improving already. I heard her say it's like potty training a puppy, but I have a bigger bladder?? My 2 legged foster brother came home from college yesterday and I didn't even bark at him when he came in the house. I'm actually pretty curious about him. 
I do bark at movement in the dark, but I think that's because I've only ever lived in a dark barn. 
Foster mom says I'm gonna be here for a bit yet, while I keep learning how to be a dog and trust humans, but I think I'm gonna be A-OK!

12/15/19 ~ Hi all! Tango here! I'm super new to L.E.A.R.N. As a matter of fact, I just arrived yesterday. I'm almost 2 years old, and foster mom says I'm a BIG boy with a blocky head and an adorable smoosh face. 

I'm told I came from the same place that Andy, Sienna, Faith, Bailey, Riley and Mocha are from, but I don't remember them. I'm just glad I'm outta there. Right now, I'm pretty afraid of the humans in the house, but I LOVE all the dogs there. Being so afraid of the humans, I'm watching my doggy siblings for cues on how to react. Foster mom says it's just gonna take time for me to trust humans and realize they are kind and gentle. I did let foster dad, give me a nice back rub for a few minutes.  It felt so good, and I sure am loving the warm house.
I had a bath yesterday, and as you can see, I found myself very handsome afterwords.  
Stay tuned for more updates on me, from foster mom...And have a Happy Holiday...I know I will!!

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